Buy Google Reviews – Stop before it’s too late!


It is natural for any business to get carried away by shortcuts for earning online reputation. Yes! You heard it right, we didn’t mention the word “Build”, and we said, “Earn”.

Earning such kind of reputation through shortcuts or easy methods can only be a quick fix mainly for those businesses that do not possess not-so-positive reviews or those that are in their budding stage.

For such of them, buying reviews on Google and from other review sites can be alluring and tempting. After all, they are of the opinion that streaming in some fresh positive reviews is the best and quick technique to match up the negative feedback and one-star ratings that their company would have received. But this will not clear out completely the blemishes when major online searches are made by consumers.

And this is the very reason why businesses are forced to buy fake Google reviews. Businesses look forward to “Buy Google Reviews” – the fake reviews which are actually posted under some random name or Google User who may not even be a real customer after all.

Why are Google Reviews Important for Business growth and sustainability?

After the invention of mobile devices and mobile apps, the way people react and research to buy a product has changed drastically, especially during these past five years. Every online searcher looks for quicker and actionable information, no matter whatever his/her search may be for.

And, at this point of time, almost 87% of the searchers seek the business Google Review as their primary source of information. Even though there are many other review sites such as TripAdvisor or Yelp, the comparison seems to be almost pale.

And still for this purpose, buying cheap Google reviews is an absolute no-brainer.

Google is the primary tool that any potential customer looks for when it comes to research process mainly. The reason is too simple, as big as are those sites, they totally rely on Google to get more visitors.

Google is aware of this and also believes that it will be able to provide the best experience to its viewers by making its review platform the ultimate place to get authentic and genuine information about a business online. And for this reason alone, they have made their reviews more and more prominent in search results.

Google has even planned to push the envelop further, even though there are other tough competitors following them.

Bottom Line – Google Reviews will be the first and foremost platform for potential customers to see whilst they are looking for business up online.

Can you buy Google Reviews?

It’s a natural instinct for any business that has no review on its Google Business page or maybe has too many negative ones to buy Google reviews. While this is possible, the simplest and best answer is the cliché – just because businesses don’t have any reviews, it doesn’t mean that it should have”.

There are many non-organic, disingenuous and cheap Google reviews that can be bought from the online market, but this is not appreciated by Google or for that matter by any review site. Using fake Google reviews to gain popularity and attention will get your business blacklisted or even worse your business can be legally sued against any such egregious offense.

There are many companies and websites that sell Google Reviews or seed Fake Google Reviews, but remember that before you can even enjoy the benefits of what you have paid to these companies to buy Google Reviews, your company will come under legality suit.

In simple words – don’t pay or buy Google Reviews, Zillow Reviews, Yelp Reviews or any other online reviews. It actually makes sense to get real reviews with an effective online review management platform. Buying reviews is big-no. Google and Yelp strongly advise against such an action as this is some sort of false advertising, in fact, Yelp punished a company which offered cash for getting reviews.

Bottom line – any suspicious activity like buying fake Google reviews can land your business into such a tough position, wherein it may be impossible to climb out of.

Thinking of buying reviews on Google? Think Again!!

If you are still considering to increase Google reviews by buying them, then it is high time you need to reconsider it. There are plenty of reasons why buying cheap Google Reviews is a bad idea, no matter how desperate your requirements are. A low star rating or no positive reviews on Google Site can cause panic for any business, and buying Google Reviews can be a quick fix, but here are some reasons you should know how fake Google reviews can affect your Google business listing and sales –

#1 Paying for reviews is illegal

Almost all countries across the globe have strict laws against buying fake reviews or false customer testimonials. In fact, many UK-based companies fell into the breach of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations and faced civil and criminal proceedings for allowing fake reviews to be written for their Business’s Google Review page.

This may sound extreme, but feedback by the customer is their right, and so only a legal and authentic consumer or customer of the business has that right to vouch on the business – be it a positive or a negative one. Buying fake reviews will destroy the trust and reputation of your business.

#2. Google doesn’t like it

Viewers, searchers, and customers trust Goole. The entire business of Google is based on the trust between itself and its users. And Google promises to provide its searchers only with accurate and informative responses for any given search term. Since Google provides reviews and testimonials in its SERP’s periodically for most of business search terms, it becomes highly important that it contains reviews that are genuine, authentic and accurate.

Buying fake Google Reviews for GMB or Google plus will get your business out of the Google search and you will be totally out of sight and not be found by any of your customers. This de-reputation will not only outweigh your perceived benefits but will also pull down in the star ratings that you would have received through fake review collections.

#3. It is easy to spot a fake review

Spotting fake Google reviews are pretty easy. These reviews are poorly-worded and will not have any relevance to the product or company in question. When a searcher or potential customer looks into such false review profiles, they can easily spot the inconsistency and may end up approaching your competitor.

Bottom Line – Customers are pretty much tech-savvy, they can easily spot your cheap Google reviews and this clearly will pull you down in the Google Business Listing and bring down your sales.

Google guidelines on Fake Reviews

Still, if you are thinking of buying fake Google Reviews, then it makes sense to consider the risks and consequences associated with this.

While this may seem to be a cost-effective and great solution to propel your business and make it top in the search results, buying Cheap Google Reviews will actually harm your business in the long run instead of reaping in benefits. It is not at all a good idea and Google is also against this.

Buying Google Reviews is against Google’s guidelines

Google makes it very clear that the review platform should contain only the original content written by the business customer’s genuine out of his/her personal experience at the business location. Fake reviews or manipulated reviews have no place on this platform. And posting content for the same place from multiple accounts is also strictly banned.

Unlike Yelp that slaps consumer alerts on businesses that fake or buys their reviews, Google actually removes down such business that has fake reviews from its listing itself as it is violating the Google’s review policy and regulations. So, the risk of buying fake Google Reviews will bring down your visibility level to Zero instead of achieving maximum.

FTC will come after you

The Federal Trade Commission, during the past several years, have cracked down several fake online reviews. They have executed a strategy called “Operation Clean Turf” which is used for catching and slapping hefty penalties on those companies that buy fake reviews or those that are involved in creating or writing fake reviews.

How to earn your Google Reviews

Buying reviews are not the best solution to increase Google reviews, instead, you can improve your ranking and drum up your business by developing strategies that concentrate on earning authentic reviews and candid feedback or responses on Google. Here are some simple tips that can help you earn your Google Reviews –

  1. Acknowledge with a Small Thanks, use a Google Review Stickers that say “Thank You”, you can create, download and print customized marketing materials and turn your business information and reviews into ready-to-use social posters, stickers and more.
  2. Harness the email power for your reviews
  3. Create a direct link for customers so that it will be easy for them to write reviews on Google.

Final Thought – The easiest, effective and cost-effective way to increase Google reviews is to make your customer happy. Happy Customers are the backbone of any business’s success and growth.

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