How Can Customer Experience Management Help You Get Repeated Customers?


What is customer experience management?

Customer Experience Management (CEM or CXM) is the accumulation of procedures an organization uses to track, regulate and sort out each cooperation between a client and the company all through the client lifecycle.

The objective of CEM is to upgrade and enhance customer service interactions from the customer’s point of view, improve customer satisfaction and develop customer loyalty. To manage the customer’s personal experience, a company needs to focus on customer relations and create a client-driven process that includes all interactions.

How To Create A Good Customer Experience?

customer experience

CEM (or CXM) requires organizations to have a 360-degree perspective of clients with coordinated and breakthrough information on client accounts. There are four basic strides to making an effective customer experience management:

Understand Your Customer:

The initial phase of building customer relationship management strategy is understanding clients’ needs and practices and making client segmentation in view of these components.

Create A Customer Vision:

Once the preferred audience is recognized, the subsequent step is to design a customer journey map. This helps identify customer touch points and forecast how customers will associate with the product or service. Ensuring this will enhance customer retention in a long run.

Develop An Emotional Connection:

This step includes making a brand identity that inspires feelings and associations in the client and sets up a connection between the client and the organization.

Capture Customer Feedback:

It is critical to quantify consumer loyalty continuously in real time. Client input can enable the organization to track client observations, empower quality checking and measure the accomplishment of the client experience technique.

Customer Experience Journey:

The client journey incorporates co-operations and touch points through customary channels. For example, site buys, telephone calls, live talk and additional web-based social networking, content and other developing correspondence mediums are essential components of the customer experience journey. A customer journey map allows organizations to recognize client touch points all through the customer lifecycle. This causes an organization to make decisions in view of predictable customer needs and practices. This approach additionally empowers a business to survey and streamline its procedures throughout the customer journey, which can enhance consumer loyalty and boost customer lifecycle management.

Trends In Customer Experience Management:

customer experience tool

Enterprises are acknowledging the prompt need to enhance the customer experience in order to continually expand their income. Truth be told, Gartner gauges that over half of the associations will execute a huge plan of action to bring about some important changes in their endeavors to enhance the level of client engagement by 2019.

In the era of rapidly changing trends, here are the following most important trend factors for you to keep in mind while acknowledging the voice of customers in customer experience management:

The Rise of the Empowered Consumer:

The present decade brings along an intense change in the business and purchaser mentality. With the blast in present-day innovation, a normal purchaser is more enabled than previous one. To put it plainly, he has a voice, and it is important to others on the web.

Personalization on an Emotional Level:

Individuals, as a rule, detest managing client benefit in any business. Why? Since we’re human, not robots. The reasons are quite often comparable- long hold times, outlandish pay or question resolutions, or dull client benefit agent. So, it becomes important that your organization focuses on measuring customer satisfaction and take decisions accordingly.

Switch To Omni-channel Rather Than Being Multi-channel:

Frequently, when beginning, organizations more often prefer multi-channel over omni-channel in light of the fact that it is rapidly being set up and less demanding to oversee. In any case, with the widespread adoption of current innovation by the normal purchaser, the interest for omni-channel client encounter is more noteworthy at present than any other time.

The Age Of Intelligent Machines:

The period of wise machines has unfolded upon us with the presentation of smart registering. Information today isn’t simply numbers- in the event that you know your CX investigation all around well enough, you should know  that Big Data, without much of a stretch, can be dissected with artificial intelligence to enhance client engagement and if you really understand the importance of customer relationship management, you surely have to enter into the age of intelligent machines.

CX Blockchain:

In spite of the fact that Blockchain technology is still in its early stages, the effect of Blockchain could be immense for the individuals who know how to utilize it right. We, as a whole, know Bitcoin and how it has broken the web because of its surging stock value, demonstrating the huge capability of Blockchain for easy collaboration, adaptability and decreased framework costs.

Examples Of Overcoming Adversity That Convey Results And Exceeded Customer Expectations:

Vix: Creating An Intelligent Transport System For Commuters Around The World:

What happened?

As a worldwide pioneer in transportation innovation, VIX was searching for a partner it could trust to convey its vision without bounds- where explorers’ lives are changed by a consistent travel involvement. This vision grasps the most recent, most versatile and contactless payment alternatives. VIX isn’t just a transportation organization, yet additionally, an innovation organization changing driving and making a superb travel experience that has a genuine effect on the economy, the earth and the general population on the travel network. Regardless of whether it’s transportation via train, bus, auto, ship or bicycle, VIX gives valuable, wonderful and cunning apparatuses along the way.

What did they implement?

In 2011, Ness, a custom software development company, partnered with VIX. Ness imagined and conveyed a progression of entering guide extends in the ITS and AFC regions and gave ongoing sustenance and administrations for the current platforms and products.


Ness gives end-to-end abilities, including Experience Plan, Development and Test Services. Ness conveyed an introductory MVP to approve suspicions and draw in pilot clients and utilized the Ness Connected system over different ventures to help VIX with the full rollout to customers over the globe.

Global Internet Payment Company: Enabling Consumers to Confidently Buy & Sell Online

What happened?

The association’s maturing online payment system was not able to stay aware of shoppers’ ongoing reaction demands due to adaptability and database engineering issues, which required expensive over-interest in servers as a workaround. On account of database association limitations, exchange throughput was constrained amid peak handling times and revenue was affected.

What did they implement?

They implemented a Digital Engineering and Architecture system and built up a cutting-edge payment processing platform that:

  • Increased information throughput by making parallel procedures, keeping in touch with a local database.
  • Eliminated purchaser/vendor disparities with precise bookkeeping of exchanges.
  • Avoided lockouts because of synchronous bookkeeping forms of similar information. Reduced conditions between installment segments with a measured approach.
  • Improved creation and quality confirmation forms, speeding future discharges.
  • Ensured consistency and flexibility to vital directions.


This cutting-edge installment preparing stage has conveyed well beyond the client’s prerequisites. The company achieved a robust system and was successful in measuring customer satisfaction and take decisions accordingly.

Plan International: Unlocking The Power Of Data To Help Save Lives.

What happened?

Plan International required an answer for the perplexing and worldwide test of solidifying its inheritance sponsorship frameworks onto another, normal Microsoft stage, that would effectively deal with the conclusion to end sponsorship process over the association’s workplaces.

What did they implement?

They utilized an efficient customer management system which worked on a staged approach. An enormous level of the retirement of the considerable number of frameworks at one time was considered in the beginning period, yet rejected as it would expand hazard and would include preparing clients in every nation in the meantime.


Over a two-year time span, the customer relationship management system assembled and revealed a brought together framework to exchange kid support related archives electronically. It conveyed a steady and adaptable stage that will bolster future development. This was accomplished crosswise over five noteworthy discharges, all on time inside spending plan and with extraordinary means of a custom fitted, seaward on location demonstrate. The company focussed on customer value management and achieved remarkable results.

Level-up Your Customer Experience Management By Using Foore’s Customer Experience Management Platform:
foore dashboard

We have seen the benefits of customer relationship management and the crucial role of managing your customer experience in execution strategies of your business and handling customer queries/feedback/problems.

So, that makes the selection of a suitable customer experience management platform a critical decision on the organization’s part. Well, Foore’s all-around Customer Messaging & Experience Management Platform is here to save the day.

By using its exclusive customer relationship management tools, big data analytics, data processing and customer engagement process, Foore’s platform creates an extraordinary customer experience strategy and brings out amazing results.

Foore offers you the ability to gather customer sentiments and to utilize them within your business intelligence.

Here are the unique features of Foore’s that makes it a titan in Customer Experience Management:

  • Effectively open.
  • Exceedingly adjustable.
  • Cost proficient valuing structure.
  • Ceaseless monitoring through savvy frameworks and enormous information examination.
  • Ensures smooth and continuous communication between the client and the association.

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