Do Google Reviews Help in SEO, Rankings & Sales


No one can deny the fact that a customer’s review affects the business to a very huge extent. And in fact, these reviews also help other customers. As per statistics, 92% of the online customers read reviews before buying anything online, and 68% of them trust those local businesses that have a positive review.

This leaves the question, to what extent are the Google Reviews vital for the growth of a business? Why you should respond to Google Reviews?

Benefits and Advantages of Google Reviews

Businesses can gain a big creditability through Google Reviews even without spending a dime. One of the major benefits of Google Review is that – Google Reviews improve SEO and increases the business’s online reputation.

In fact, it is a proven fact that the Google Reviews are so powerful that is out rules the marketing hype, slick copy, and expensive campaigns. All these become less relevant when it is related to Google Business reviews. Reviews are transparent and social proof and are not beautiful marketing.

Another huge benefit of reviews is that they give a chance for a business to level the playing field with regards to the local SEO. Irrespective of the fact that it is big or small, all businesses can take advantage of Google Reviews, and rank high in the local search results.

Here some bullet list and explanations that clearly state the importance or benefits of Google Reviews:

Google Business Reviews Increase Brand Trust – Customers expect transparency. The level of transparency can be accredited largely to the accessibility to a massive amount of data and information on any given business. Today, it has become common among customers to make thorough research on the product/services before buying it. In fact, 88% of customers read reviews and determine the quality of the business. And a large part of the research is done generally through Google Reviews.

Brand Trust

Better ranking of your Google Business Listing means that more and more customers visit your business and this means more sales. According to a survey, a staggering 72% of consumers have stated that positive reviews build trust more than they may have otherwise. And brands who respond to Google reviews in a timely manner gain customer trust.

Google Business Reviews Increase Online Exposure and Local SEO – Google’s search algorithm is complex. But one thing is for sure – Google Reviews leave an impact on the Google local search. As per Moz, nearly 9% of Google’s overall search algorithm is actually driven by review signals – the ones which you find in a business Google Review. Such reviews focus on velocity, diversity, and quantity of the review. When there is a perfect balance between these three signals, you can catapult your local business and aim to top the Google Local search results. This way your business can be found quickly and easily when compared to the traditional SEO activities like blogging or keyword research. So, it is important to value the Google reviews medium and not just rely only on the traditional methods.

If properly executed, Google business Reviews can prove to be the most-effective marketing tactics. Such reviews allow the businesses to show up in the “Map Pack”. Map Pack contains a group of businesses in your nearby vicinity from where a search is being made. The map will quickly highlight and show the name, link, address, and phone number of the business, and also the number of reviews apart from the average rating.

Feedback Loop and Customer Intelligence through Google Business Reviews – One more valuable Advantage of Google Review is that you can gain both customer intelligence and feedback loop. Every review collected serves as a customer survey response for your business. Each of the Google Review gives a list of these things –

  • If your business provided a positive customer experience or not?
  • If your business did an amazing job or no?
  • And, what product/service they purchased from your company.

The customer feedback loop for what you’re doing wrong – a negative review on Google means your company has to work over and improve that area so as to be praised. At Foore, we’ve developed a very effective and simple process which businesses can use when they want to get the most of the feedback loop.

The first step is to watch and monitor the review once a transaction has taken place. You can use online reputation management platform like Foore to increase Google Reviews. The site will help you to monitor your site manually. A good platform will help you to respond right directly from the platform itself.

Google Reviews Convert More Customers – The end goal is achieved when a customer has clicked through to your webpage. Customers visiting your site need to be constantly enticed to make some purchase from your business. A well-designed web page and a user-friendly site experience are extremely vital. Only Google Reviews has the potential to do this conversion. And, so for this reason, businesses having a strong Google rating should advertise all over their website. This rating can enhance trust among customers, even if they haven’t gone through your online reviews.

Improve Click-Through Rates to Your Website with Google Reviews – It will not be of any use if your business spends all the money and time on the SEO strategy if people don’t actually click on your business. Fortunately, Google Reviews will help you increase the click-through rate when your site shows up in the search engine. The rating which you received on Google will show up next to your company’s name in Google; which means a good collection of positive reviews can enhance clicks through to your business site.

Do Google Reviews Help with SEO?

It is a well-known and undeniable fact that Positive Google reviews are vital for business growth. Now the question is – “does it have any impact on your SEO?” Obtaining them and then including the Google Reviews on your site will increase your visibility online actually?

Well, this blog now will make you understand how the reviews of the consumers can help in driving organic traffic and performance.

Google Reviews Help in SEO

How do reviews impact your SEO

John Mueller, a webmaster trends analyst at Google, states that copying reviews will not have a great impact on your SEO. Google actually focuses on unique contents, against the copied ones from various sites. And in case, you want to follow this procedure, then it is better not to mark-up duplicated copy reviews along with a structured data or schemas as it would contravene with Google’s guidelines.

It is understandable for businesses to showcase positive feedback on their website, but it would be better to leave off the Google Review. Joy Hawkins, has pointed out that reviews do contribute to the search results positioning, but she also found out that businesses have lost and dropped in the ranking list due to a significant amount of lost reviews. This clearly indicates that there is a correlation between the company’s online visibility and the number of positive reviews.

This being said, it is important to know that while there are many advantages of Google Reviews, still there are nearly 200 other factors which are used to establish how good a given page ranks. Keeping this in mind, keep working on gathering positive feedback or reviews, but don’t rely on them as the sole reason to climb the Google Rank.

The Impact on your click-through-rate

Good Reviews are, of course, an amazing way to connect with consumers and build trust with them. As it is a well-known fact that “The first impression is always the best impression”, and if your business is able to get this, your site can very likely get the click-through. CXL had conducted a study and came up with the fact that if there are a substantial amount of good reviews then, this will surely increase the click-through-rate by nearly 35%.

Does Google Reviews improve SERP?

Well, the answer is a big Yes! Google Reviews improve SERP, and overall SEO efforts. Even though there are plenty of factors involved in search rankings, gaining online positive reviews from consumers can act as a strong signal to the search engines as this communicates authority and trustworthiness. To compete with others in this technological world, managing online reviews can be the best way to stand apart from competitors and enhance your site visibility in the search results.

How Do Reviews Really Matter – Real Examples

Here are some examples of some real businesses that have benefitted from the Online Reviews and have got themselves ranked high in the SERP:

  • Shannon Fine Jewelry company managed to get a five-star rating on Google with nearly 200 Google Reviews. This led to increased traffic to their site. Customers have stated that they have read online reviews of the company.
  • Gallery Furniture garnered 9517 new reviews online – the Resultant – there was a massive increase in web traffic and calls coming from customers searching online. The company spends less on marketing efforts and pays less to paid search results as its online presence on Google Reviews are comparatively high.
  • Zeroz Carpet cleaners have received more than 13k online reviews, and this has made the company to greatly enhance its customer service.
  • Paul’s Pest Control thanks all their customers who chose the company as this was the sole reason for the business to grow into the new market.


Google business reviews are the only medium that can drive in three core areas for your business – brand trust, feedback, and local SEO. If your company is not employing Google Reviews, then your company is surely at the risk of missing out many advantages that your competing business may be using.

Google Reviews is absolutely Free! This needs only a little time and resources, and this can give an incredible result in a short amount of time.

The bottom line is to use the Google business reviews to increase SEO, and this is a most cost-effective way to drive leads to your site, and all the more this accumulates trust in your geographical area.


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