How To Remove or Delete Google Reviews – Complete Guide


Reviews are valuable only when they are unbiased and honest. Negative Google Reviews creates a conflict of interest and undermines the trust of the review and the product.

A frequent question commonly put forth by many viewers, and customers are – “What are the ways to remove or delete Google Reviews”?

Here, it becomes important mainly for the business owners to learn how to delete or remove Google Reviews so as to protect the business’s identity and reputation from sloping down.

Why Google Reviews are extremely important

Google Reviews can either make or break a business, so it is important for the business owners to constantly monitor the reviews and track the Fake Google Reviews so that it doesn’t leave a negative remark about the company.

The trend of researching a business online has changed drastically over the past few years, especially when mobile apps have started giving the benefit of mobile Online Shopping. Online shoppers prefer quick shopping and the first thing they do is to read the Google Reviews before buying the product.

Even though there are many other review sites such as Trip Advisor and Yelp, consumers prefer to look up for the Google Review as their primary source.

Google is the major search engine and primary tool where customers look into or research to know about your business.

Google believes that they will be able to provide a better experience and hence have made their review platform as a suitable place to gather information about online business. As a result, Google has come up to make their reviews more prominent in search results over the recent past.

And hence it becomes important to make the Google Reviews as an extremely high priority one for the growth of your business; and also learn how to delete negative google reviews. Not only this, Google reviews help in SEO rankings too.

How to delete a Google Review

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Google doesn’t offer an easy way to press the delete button to erase the negative or fake reviews. And one has to go through the following two ways to remove a review. The person who has posted the review can delete the review or the business can flag the “review as an inappropriate one”.

The following steps are to be followed to flag the review as inappropriate or unsuitable one:

  1. Go to Google Maps and trace your business
  2. Hop to the Google review page and find the review
  3. Click on the three vertical dots (can be seen on the right side of the review) and pick the option “Flag as inappropriate”

Once this is done, you can write a brief report on the issue and submit your email for follow-up and communication.

How to determine if you can remove it

Now, the next question that might pop out is – “Can I delete or remove the review in question”? Well, you have options if the review:

  • Is a fraudulent or fake one
  • Is it a Spam or an Ad?
  • Has a conflict of interest
  • Is off the topic
  • Contains inappropriate, violent or harmful contents

It should be noted that if the review contains any conflict of interest or is off the topic/matter, then this it is rather tricky to get the review removed. However, it was possible to get legitimate negative Google reviews deleted by flagging them under these categories.

Hence, it is not advisable to spend your time and energy in deleting a Google Review that falls under these two classes.

But, on the other hand, if the reviews fall under the advertising, spam or inappropriate category, it can be easily dealt with under the violation of the Google Review Policy and there will not be much resistance towards these.

Unfortunately, the Google Reviews which fall under the fake or fraudulent category are the ones that have certain grounds for removal. These issues are common as competing businesses and disgruntled staffs may leave a fake negative Google Review.

Recently, Google has changed its policy and has banned the past employees to leave any review about the company they have worked for, even if the review seems to be positive or legitimate. Google wants only the customers to make a review on its platform. Thus, if an ex-employee has written a negative Google Review, then there shouldn’t be any issue in deleting such review.

The Long-term Fix

Another greatest way to fix your problem is to fix it permanently, instead of spending time on deleting or removing the fake reviews, there are many other businessmen who don’t worry much on this, and have implemented a very effective way to get over the problem.

Instead of fretting over the fact that the Google Review can’t be deleted, it makes sense to take things the other way around and make Customers write a positive and genuine review about the business.

It is noted that happy or satisfied customers often don’t review the product on the platform. And this is the main reason for inaccuracy in the overall rating of the company. The quickest way to turn things around is possible if you can make the regular and most loyal customers to leave a Google Review. And this is for sure, such customers will leave a positive Google Review.

What not to do

In the process of removing or deleting fake Google Reviews, it should be seen that the following things are also considered.

“Never buy a fake positive Review”. Yes, I said right! This is not only unethical but this will also break Google’s review policy and will be considered as a clear violation. The review will not only be removed, but your company will face all those legality issues. So, stay away from encouraging fake reviews and instead do things the right way.

The other common infraction includes incentivizing positive reviews. Again, this will not work out and can backfire easily. You should be extra cautious when you are asking in for a Google Review request.

This is the reason; we recommend you to go in for some honest reviews from your reputed customers; instead of creating confusion that would come up at any time.

Some businesses have tried to get Positive Google Reviews from their customers in exchange for some great deals, offers, and discounts. But trust me, this will not work out, and can mislead the customers to leave a negative review instead! If things are done the right way, then there will be nothing to worry about.

How Foore can help you to increase your Google Reviews

It is common for customers with bad experience to leave negative Google Reviews than those happy customers with good experiences. This very clearly means that these angry customers will be able to skew your overall rating to a lower level.

But, still, there seems to be a quick solution to deal with these issues – asking customers for reviews. Research depicts that almost 70% of the customers leave a review only if they are asked to.

To get more reviews, there are a couple of choices:

  1. You can ask the customers manually to post some new reviews every day
  2. Or you can automate your review collection process

Unfortunately, the first option can prove to be hard. But, again managing the business reputation is also equally important, it is practically hard and impossible to convince a new customer to write a review repeatedly.

Luckily, Foore can help and make this process simple and easy.

Ways to handle Google Reviews

Respond to the customer’s review

One best way to handle a bad or negative customer review is to respond immediately to it. Studies have revealed that nearly more than 1/3rd of the customers have voluntarily removed the negative review by deleting it once they get proper response from the company. If your company and the team respond with a sincere apology, the customer will automatically delete the review instead of being framed as a villain in the public. It’s crucial that you learn how to respond to Google reviews.

Solve the customer’s problem

Negative reviews clearly state that the customer is not satisfied with your service. This is where strategies have to become actions. Recognize the problem of the customer and try to fix it. And also make it clear that the previous mistakes will not be repeated again.

Follow up with customers

Customer service specialists and experts have pointed out that 75% of the online buyers prefer to review the recent ones (probably the ones that were posted during the last few months). Hence if you have old happy customers and they haven’t posted yet in the recent past, this might affect the star rating. Follow up with the old customers and request them to update their review in exchange for a product or service.

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