Why Does Your Business Needs Customer Feedback Management System?


The paragon roots of any business lie in the manner in which they communicate with their customer base. Proper information exchange between the business and the customer proves to be a very important tool in promotion, basic product survey and to get to know what is the requirement of the customer and then helps in improving the product for better impact on the market.

The communication works both ways and is a necessity to satisfy customer demands while fulfilling the organizational objectives through the exchange process.

It also helps in product development, marketing, innovation, daily operations and affects future decisions of the business critically.

Customer Feedback Facts
Source – Mantra Labs

According to a study by the Aberdeen Group, it was clearly observed that the customer feedback system increases customer retention rate by 15% more than the companies not using it and this clearly highlights the importance of feedback management systems.

What is the Feedback Management System?

Customer Feedback Management System (CFMS) could be described as the web facilities or portals created in order to assist businesses in handling customer feedback and ideas, which could potentially be converted into future product developments or as an innovation in the existing ones.

In an indirect way, this ensures customer participation in the product development process and enhances the sense of harmony between the organization and the customer. Thus, it qualifies as a customer-centric approach, which could be utilized for the exponential growth of the business.

CFMS works as an organized method of receiving customer suggestions, grievances, ideas and requests in a centralized manner. The main motive of CFMS is to get an insight of the customer’s opinion on the product and improving the product and services so that it could become more appealing for the customer base, hence attracting more customers and retaining the existing ones.

Active participation of customers shows the organization’s loyalty towards its customers and builds a brand image in the market. CFMS software and portals help businesses to collect, organize and structure the feedbacks in a hierarchy for the first step of the analysis, strengthening companies to respond better to uncertain market changes and to fulfill customer requirements. These can be thought of as the benefits of the customer feedback system.

CFMS specializes in the area of feedback analysis, surveys and poll management, and idea exploration. This software manipulates data and stores customer feedback for further future developments.

CFM software interprets the various sources of data and inspects for similarities between the data input made available to the software.

Some CFMS software programs have an inbuilt feature that allows business stakeholders, employees and customers to have interactions and collaborate on integration over project development.

How Does Feedback Management System Work?

The methodology varies in various CFM software programs. The process behind each service has a critical impact on the type of service itself and becomes the main separator between them.

Prior to collecting customer feedback, explicitly define what are the requirements. If unintentionally or intentionally this critical step is skipped, it may make it harder to comprehend the obtained results and your customer base.

There are numerous ways to collect customer feedback, including:

Emails And Contact Forms:  

An email is a supreme tool, but it has to be ensured that emails are being responded quickly and with appropriate and satisfying answers. It has been found that 43% of the customers don’t want to drop feedback, simply because they think the business doesn’t care about it. But it has been observed that there is a huge increase in number if the organization replies and shows concern for the customer’s time.


Customer satisfaction survey provides insight on customer’s reliability on products. Using a strategic combination of simple and short surveys (containing one or two question type polls) on the company’s website or some other paid survey and some of the extended, full-length type surveys to gather information. If the company or survey website uses a predefined rating system, it is advised to keep it regular and in a simple format. Proper selection of customer service survey questions is necessary for better results. You should know your demographic target location and the audience according to the product/service orientation.

Usability Testing:

A significant amount of pre-planning is needed but can come handy because it can assist you to discover issues the customers may be facing but don’t have proper knowledge about it. It’s particularly useful if you’re trying to test your product/service and identifying the bugs and critical points in the project.

Social Listening:

Engaging customers on social media platforms is easy, cheap and highly effective. It also builds a huge potential customer base for your product.

Comment Boxes:

The addition of comment boxes at someplace in your website enables users to provide customer experience feedback and that too without interrupting their web browsing experience.

Online Reviews:

A continuous and keen eye should be kept on review sites to find out the market image of your brand and get a variety of feedback on your customer service.

Managing Customer Feedback:

With a huge amount of customer feedback data available, you need to have a core platform to collect and manage it all. Customer engagement management is the step involved in every step of the feedback management system.

Why Feedback Management System Is Crucial For Your Business:

Following are the advantages of customer feedback management system:

  • Customer Feedback Helps Improve Products And Services:

At the point when another item is propelled in the showcase, you most likely have a thought regarding client needs. So you would certainly be asking customers for feedback. Statistical surveying before presentation gives you a thought if potential clients would get it and furthermore they can give you a few hints on how you could enhance it.

  • Customer Feedback Helps You Measure Customer Satisfaction:

Consumer loyalty and reliability is a pivotal factor that decides the organization’s budgetary execution. It is specifically connected to numerous advantages, for example- an expanded piece of the overall industry, bring down expenses, or higher income.

  • Collecting Customer Feedback Shows Customers You Value Their Opinions:

By approaching your customers for the input you convey that their sentiment is critical to you. You include them in forming your business so they feel more appended to your organization. Tuning in to their voice causes you to make more grounded relations with them.

  • Customer Feedback Helps You Create The Best Customer Experience:

Once you get to know the customer’s ideology and feedback, you can certainly improve your strategies and enhance the experience of your beloved customers.

  • Customer Feedback Helps To Improve Customer Retention:

The fulfilled client will remain with you. The despondent client will, in the long run, locate a superior contrasting option to your business and leave. Client input causes you to decide whether your customers are happy with your administration and recognize territories where you ought to progress.

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