How To Collect & Manage Customer Feedback Effectively

Customer feedback is crucial and important for every business. Whether you sell online or have a physical store, customer feedback will always help you improve and grow. Customer feedback provides important insights that help you make better decisions. Even when everyone understands the importance of collecting customer feedback, no one actually knows how to gather customer feedback efficiently. We are about to debunk some of the best strategies to help you collect customer feedback and manage customer feedback.

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

Bill Gates

We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little better.

Jeff Bezos

A satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement.

G.S Alag
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Without your customer’s feedback, you will never get to know what delights your customers. But customer feedback is not just about positive feedback. Negative feedback is equally important as it helps you understand the scope of improvement.

And from the sales point of view, customer feedback in the form of reviews helps you get new customers. Your positive reviews are the main source of referrals and they help you with word of mouth marketing too.

Respond To Google Reviews

Here are some quick facts and survey results that prove why customer feedback is important:

  1. Referrals are the top sources for new leads – State of inbound
  2. Customers who are engaged with a brand or business purchase 90% more often – Rosetta
  3. Customer experience is an important factor in purchasing decisions for more than 73% of customers – Superoffice

Clearly, it’s your loyal customers who help you get new customers and delighting your existing customers should be on top of priority.

Now let’s dig into the various ways you can collect customer feedback and the challenges around it.

Studies have confirmed that more than 70% of your customers will give feedback when asked. Customers not only feel important when you ask them for feedback but your business gets more credibility. So it’s clear that there is no harm in asking for feedback from your customers.

But it’s definitely not that easy as it may sound. There are various if and buts and before you start asking for feedback, you need to define your objectives. There are many possible questions that you can ask from your customers. But your customers will spare a very significant amount of time to give any feedback or review.

Depending on your goals, there can by many possible questions as mentioned below:

  1. Do you want to ask product or service related questions?
  2. Do you want to ask about the overall customer satisfaction?
  3. Or do you want them to write a review for you?
  4. Or do you want to know what they like the most?

The top 2 ways you can measure overall customer satisfaction trends are:

  1. Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  2. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

White the NPS and CSAT tell you the overall customer satisfaction, there are various other questions that you can include while asking for feedback. Below are the most used and efficient ways of collecting feedback or review:

  1. Call your customer for feedback
  2. Ask feedback via email
  3. Send SMS with a feedback link
  4. Collect feedback on a paper or using sticky notes
  5. Monitor your social media accounts
  6. Conduct monthly customer interviews
  7. Incentivize your feedback process
  8. Ask feedback right after purchase

While the manual processes can give better insights and more accurate results, but it takes time. And getting feedback from every customer is only possible when you have an automation in place.

Your customers might be interested in giving you a review or feedback but they may not be comfortable writing it on a paper or speaking to you over the phone. Your customers may not always go to the lengths of finding your business on Google or Facebook to write a review.

The most effective way of collecting customer feedback has just 3 simple steps and it can be entirely automated:

Step 1: Get customer’s email ID or contact number

As soon as your customer visits your store, you can ask for their contact details as part of the check-in process. Or you can collect these details during any transaction.

Step 2: Initiate the feedback collection process

Send an SMS or email with a link where your customers can give feedback or review. Make sure there is a review filtering mechanism so that they don’t go and write negative reviews on Google or Facebook.

Step 3: Monitoring feedbacks that you receive

You need a dashboard where you can view all feedback and respond to them in a timely manner.

Automate Feedback Process

Foore lets you automate your feedback process and makes sure that your Google business listing keeps on getting positive reviews while you handle the negative reviews internally. Below are some of the features that make Foore a complete solution for you to collect feedback effectively:

  1. Automate & collect feedback via SMS and on Facebook Messenger.
  2. Smart filtering to help you get only positive reviews on Google or Facebook.
  3. Single dashboard to manage all your reviews.
  4. Autoresponders to help you respond to reviews on time.
  5. Convert feedback into tickets and collaborate with your team members to resolve issues quickly.

So now you have all the feedback and reviews from your customers. But responding to your customers is even more crucial than collecting feedback. Just like anyone else, your customers want to know what happened with the feedback they gave or the review that they wrote on Google.

You may not need to take action on every review but responding with a thank you message will do wonders. 

Top 5 reasons why you should respond to your customer’s reviews:

  1. Your customers feel important.
  2. It keeps your customers engaged and thus increases the chances of them coming back to your store.
  3. Google business listings where the reviews are responded timely rank higher.
  4. Your credibility increases.
  5. Prospects reading reviews & responses to them get the confidence of doing business with you.

But responding to hundreds of reviews is time-consuming. And this is why we have built auto-responder that lets you respond to your customer reviews instantly.

Use Foore's Auto Responder

Get In Touch

But things may not be this simple all the time. There will be cases when your customers would want you to go a step ahead and help them with their issue. It’s really important that you provide great customer service. In fact, your customers may even delete their negative reviews once you delight them back with good service.

Team Collaboration & Ticketing

Using Foore, you can convert any feedback into a ticket and assign it to any of your team members. In this way, your team will be able to quickly resolve or get in touch with the customer. The faster you are able to take action, the more chances of your customer to come back to you.

If your customer’s voice is heard, they are more likely to become your fan and refer their friends. To summarise, your customers deserve answers to their questions. So buckle up and start conversing with your customers. Take their feedback and opinions. Make them feel important and watch them turn into referrals.

Foore let’s you collect customer feedback effectively. Our smart review filtering feature makes sure that you only get positive reviews. Increase Google reviews & manage all your feedback in one dashboard.

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