About Foore

We are building future of discovery, messaging and engagement solutions for retail businesses.

People are using the internet to discover and interact with businesses more than ever. The likes of Dominos, Naturals, Uber are sending you personalized offers.

Intelligent messaging and personalized engagement is a tool still available to bigger enterprises. We want to get this technology in hand of every business.

Challenges are immense. We need a strong Backend which is able to store and crunch data to make solution intelligent and swift. A frontend that hides the ugly complexities and provides point and clicks solution for not-so-tech-friendly businesses. A content delivery mechanism to help with not just how but also with when and what of engagement.

Today our technology consists of a backend engine allowing for intelligent scheduling and segmenting of data on the basis of 20+ interaction points available. A web dashboard which allows for setting up campaigns and events which send right messages to right people at right time. Android apps to engage with in-store customers.