10 Reasons Why All Businesses Need A Bit of Foore’s Facebook Chatbot Magic

Facebook Chatbot

There is a new software technology in town and it is all we can talk about. After years of wasting resources to manage Facebook chats, here is the solution everyone has been waiting for. We have friends that are human. And we have friends that are animals. But here is where the game goes upside down. You can now have these all-time genies waiting there to help your customers out with all of their problems! We, at Foore, are coming right at you with our top notch and extreme user-friendly Facebook chatbots. 

A chatbot is an AI integrated software which behaves as an automated messenger. These bots understand your problems and give you the answers you want. The first Facebook bot was created in 2016 and since then the usage has gone up. With 68% usage, it is now the third most used application. The motive of these chat bots is to help you scale your business, taking your customer relations by the hand.

Are you prepared to be blown away with how amazing this is for you and your business?

Here is why you need to fit in some of this magic into your business-

1. All Time Yours

With all the technology shooting right out of the roof, the patience of customers everywhere is dropping rapidly. Gone are the days where they would wait by the phone for hours waiting for someone to reach out and solve their problems, no. Now they want answers. And they want them quick.

These chatbots are quick and because of their technical element, tireless. They can continue doing their tasks throughout the day and night. Customers happy with timely service, Check.

2. Money Saviour

A lot of money can go in hiring resources to manage Facebook chat or call your customers. This chatbot will be a one-time walk-in expense and will be a loyal partner for years to come.

Facebook chabot save money

Your chatbot can be the first defense. Any complex questions that cannot be answered by the program can be redirected to a customer support agent.

3. Customer satisfaction

Customers react to a particular application or business in the way they interact with them. If they receive negativity from the human correspondent, they can be likely to edge away from the business. Humans can have different moods at different times that cannot be altered at all times. But this bot? It has only one mood. And that is to help your customers out. Not only the Foore bots give them timely help, but we also go one step beyond and keep your customers engaged. They convert inquiries into appointments, demo sessions and thus boost your sales.

Customer Satisfaction

Ever if the customer gets rash, the bot will always be polite and helpful. They follow the rules they are programmed to at all times.

4. Marketing

There are tonnes of ways of marketing up and coming. New innovative ways keep cropping up. But these bots have an upper hand. They have a direct reach to the customer. They are equipped with abilities to understand and retain information that can be used later for marketing purposes. They use various techniques to convert your Facebook likes into customers and increase the ROI.

They will cut out the unnecessary and give the customers exactly what they want to know. Instead on spending so much on so many things, getting a Facebook bot to be there at the right place and the right time will go a long way.

5. Lead Generation

Your bots will be the first impression on the customer. Even when they don’t know what they want to be doing, they will talk to the bot. And that will invariably be a desirable condition for you. The Facebook Messenger Chatbots by Foore will get you leads right at your front step. The basic questions asked will find out all the information you need to build a connection and help your customer out.

6. Smaller Market

The field is still out and open for business. While the bots have been around for at least a decade, not too many people are aware of the presence in terms of businesses. Facebook has been a big source of marketing for years now. There are about 6 million advertisers here. Even so, there are approximately 300,000 chatbots only. A lot of your competition will get cropped out here.

Email marketing click rates are on a down low and have not gotten better in the last few years. So, while it is at it, your chatbot will also defeat its inbox competition.

7. Time Saver

The olden days, we used to make calls. Then came the medieval times of search engines and downloading applications. The new age is now here. Technology is moving towards making us all efficient. All you have to do is put in the least bit of effort and everything is right in front of you. Not only this helping your business out but it will also ease the efforts of your customer. And this will attract them like bees to honey.

Save time with Facebook Chatbot

All you have to do is, type a message. As easy as talking to a friend. And in most situations the bot already has automated messages typed out along with call to actions. How easier can it get?

8. Facebook Messenger Presence

Foore will help you build a highly efficient Facebook bot. But why Facebook bots? Facebook Messenger is the third most used application in the world. And not only used for personal reasons. There was a survey done which showed that this was the second-best way to interact in a business setting. There are millions of messages exchanged here every day.

Most people delete applications pretty quick, but you will find them regularly using this platform. This makes the bots a hidden card for you to whip out and stun your competition.

9. Customer retention

With personalised targeting, Facebook lets you send rich content broadcasts to your customers. With more than 85% open rates, Facebook messenger marketing has become the part of everyone’s marketing strategy. Engage your customers, bring them back to your stores and watch your sales grow.

10. The Foore Effect

There are tonnes of benefits to getting a Facebook messenger bot, but Foore does not stop at just that. We have a separate set of features that will enable you to take your business a step higher. The Foore Facebook chatbot builder is made for businesses like restaurant, gym, clinic, food truck, co-working space and more. These new age start ups and businesses need new age solutions.

Not only do the bots get your customers smiling, they also help you, amp up your levels. They have features that get instant feedback upon usage of service. The minute they leave, you already know what your customers feel. They give you an opportunity to turn Facebook inquiries into sales. Foore’s chatbot builder is the only bot builder to have multiple location support. What more could you want from a bot? It is the prodigy bot!

Facebook Marketing bots have been around for a while already, but a lot of people have not visited the possibility yet. There is still a wide scope of what can be done by these bots. People are mainly using this for customer relations as of now, but a lot of business owners are predicting that in the near future Conversation as a Service (CaaS) will spread even in the industry of shopping, banking and more.

Technology is rooted deeply in how businesses are working nowadays and the one way to take it forward is to invest in smart techniques like these.

What do you think about chatbots? Where do you expect to see them next?

Do you think your business needs a Facebook chatbot too? Sign up at Foore and start your free trial – Foore’s Facebook Chatbot Builder

We at Foore want to give you everything you deserve! Keep Commenting!

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