Successful SMS Marketing Campaign In 7 Proven Ways!


What Is SMS Marketing Campaign?

Short Messaging Service or SMS marketing campaign is a portable promotion channel used to connect with clients through instant messages. It is making fast progress as an extremely successful type of correspondence to contact target clients, considering the way that by 2020, according to expectation, 90 percent of the total populace will have a cell phone. SMS marketing provides a centralized multi-line marketing channel and has more return than investments. Through this strategy of marketing, you are not only sourcing the information to the target audience, but you are also opening up a possibility for a two-way communication between the customer and the company. It also helps in building a brand image, thus increasing the loyalty of customers towards the product as well as towards the company.

In simple terms, the goal of SMS marketing is to build a rich database of your target audience and the associated advantages of SMS marketing campaigns are innumerable. When processing the marketing strategies, text messages are an ideal way of sending out push notifications about upcoming products, promotional offers and recent advancements in existing products. It can also be employed as a powerful tool to send reminders for upcoming events and to get feedback through polling. There are many delivery platforms available, who extended their services for easy categorization and management so that the most relatable messages could be conveyed to people who are potential or existing customers. Also, when compared to different other distribution channels, it is cost effective mobile-based marketing solution, hence increasing the budget for other marketing strategies.

What Happens In An Sms Marketing Campaign?

sms marketing campaign

The SMS marketing campaign may be based on the SMS marketing campaign ideas of your organization. With the help of SMS marketing campaign software, the SMS delivery platform will set up a SMS shortcode and a keyword for your business or specific to some event. So for example, if you own a fruit shop, it might be FRUITY at 976890. This basically would be treated as your business number. Now if the customer texts FRUITY to 976890, they will be included in your customer database and they have given permission to receive all your future promotions and reminders.

Then a campaign will be created requesting customers to sign up for text alerts. A promotional statement could be “Text FRUITY at 976890 and receive exclusive discounts”. In this way, the number of sign-ups will increase and can enhance the sales of the company in a long run.

Regular updates would be sent to the customers who have signed-up for receiving push notifications and text messages. The responsibility of sending texts and managing customer database lies on the delivery platform selected for SMS marketing campaign. You just have to think about the type of campaign you want to run and who will be the target audience for this campaign.

Statistics Involved In Sms Campaigns:

sms process foore

Based on several SMS marketing campaigns case studies and SMS marketing campaign examples, here are six different stats you should know in order to improve your business:

  • Opt-In Population:

This is the aggregate number of individuals on your broadcasting list. It’s not the most exact number since it gauges who you send to– not really who you reach. In any case, an expanding populace implies you are effectively getting the word out. A diminishing populace implies the inverse.

  • New Subscribers:

This is a more engaged rendition of monitoring your selection in the populace, concentrated particularly on what number of new endorsers you procure each cycle. Look for spikes in this number when you discharge other media containing your SMS codes– it can inform you concerning how those discharges are performing.

  • Quit Rate/Opt-Outs:

You will have opt-outs– individuals who request to be expelled from your rundown. That it happens isn’t imperative, however, why it happens can reveal to you a great deal. You won’t have the capacity to meet your pick outs concerning why they quit. Rather, take a gander at your quit rate for spikes or valleys, and look for changes or occasions around those oddities.

  • Response Rate:

What number of recipients of your SMS communication channel do what you ask them to? This is an immediate measure of how compelling your message was. So, you have to know the response rate in order to improve your performance and win the heart of customers.

  • Conversion/Sales Rate:

Few out of every odd reaction brings about a deal– however every communication should transform into no less than one client. Every industry has its own “great” and “awful” rates of reaction. However, all you have to see is an enduring increment in whatever your numbers are. Keep a close eye on your conversion rate and build your future strategies accordingly.

  • Return On Investment:

This is the main issue. Track what number of offers your SMS campaign created, and the aggregate estimation of those deals. Look at that against the aggregate cost of your SMS advertising. On the off chance that sales are greater than the cost incurred, your program needs work before you can think of it as fruitful.

How To Make A Sms Marketing Campaign Successful? Seven Ways Of Conducting A Successful Marketing Campaign:

how does sms marketing works
  1. Understand Your Goals And Communicate Valuable Offering:

It goes without saying that if you aren’t familiar and have a deep understanding of what you want to achieve from the SMS marketing campaign, then you will be wasting your resources on something which will be more of an investment, offering less value in return. Before executing the strategies, it is considered important to analyze the business through the current objectives of the business. Your decision should be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time Specific

Keep in mind that your customers look for significant offers. Continually ensure that the SMS you convey makes it difficult to oppose the offer. Place yourself in the shoes of your clients or forthcoming clients and ask yourself, “Will this intrigue them?” Will this urge them to check out, visit your store, call or email you? No crowd needs to get a useless, futile offer from a brand that they adore, and remember, you need your clients to love you if you want to build a loyal customer base for your product/service.

  • Start The Text With Your Offer:

Text message promotion is considered the best if it is brief and to the point. Your customers are occupied individuals, and if the matter isn’t straightforward, that may turn them off. Simply quit wasting time with a specific end goal in mind of reaching everybody. Setting your offer towards the start of the message catches the highest number of attentive eyes.

  • Keep It Exclusive:

With a specific end goal to make the most out of your SMS campaign, ensure that what you are offering is selective to the individual perusing and receiving it. Influence your customer base to feel just as they are a part of something extraordinary. The best SMS marketing campaigns have adopted this strategy and enjoyed innumerable benefits.

  • Create A Sense Of Urgency:

Your business can see rising footfall, site visits and income on the off chance that you make a feeling of earnestness among your customers. Your audience will take off time from their day in the event that you pose an offer which ensures its validation only if it was processed urgently.

  • Location, Location, Location:

Mentioning the area and the location is the absolute most vital component of your text message that your audience should know, keeping in mind the end goal to reclaim the offer. Try not to pass up a great opportunity for expressing the correct area of your store, regardless of whether it is an eCommerce store.

  • Include A Call To Action:

A call to action is needed in order to lead the customer to sales tunnel and keep sales inflow.

  • State Your Brand Name Explicitly:

The sender ID should contain authentic information, explicitly mentioning the brand name it signifies.

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